Virgin Suicides

MTV just can’t get enough sex. It isn’t enough to sensationalize teen pregnancy, now they need to ruin virgins and chronicle the purist of losing it. Not only are all of these people extremely pathetic in their journey to try to lose said virginity, but they are literally looking to throw it around on national television. I’m all for people whoring around if they really want to, virgin or not, but no one needs to see that shit happen on TV.

Reality TV is going a little too far with this one. However, you see shows that have popped up like the one where couples go out on dates and then viewers can tweet in suggestions for the daters. If you really need help going on dates, then you have more problems that the shit the idiots watching will be giving. And there’s naked people on islands amongst other places. Just last night I flipped on TLC to find a show called Buying Naked or something to that effect about real estate agents that sell homes in a nudist colony. What the fucking fuck? Weirdest show I’ve ever seen.


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