Generation Gap

Having fun while it lasts because it usually isn't for long.
Having fun while it lasts because it usually isn’t for long.

Dating girls or women or whatever you call them at this point in your life has got to make sense. If you’re an old man and you’re dating girls who everyone else still refers to as girls then you might have a problem. If you’re over the legal age then what you do and prefer is your business. And more props to the older bros that can pull younger women (in some cases anyways). But how often do you hear about real relationships with real commitments when the man and woman are so different in age. Well, this is why older women and younger men (within reason) can work but older men with younger women just don’t cut it.

Knowing from personal experience, it’s always tough to date, or hang out, or hook up with a girl that is more than 5 years younger. That’s half a decade! She was in the middle of middle school when you were graduating high school! She was getting ready for senior year or going to Senior Week depending on how long it took to get through college. But again, if you were a 6th year and she was a freshman then it’s still socially acceptable. Oh well. The point is that in these cases as in others, age gaps generally constitute where we are in life and what we deem important. Priorities aren’t even a thing until you get out of college. Unless you don’t go to college, then relationships don’t even seem real until you graduate. So what can you do to figure out whether it’s worth sticking out?

Well, if you are awkward with her friends not just because you are awkward in general, chances are because her friends don’t get you like she think she does and there’s a reason why. Even though you both may still be doing keg stands and playing beer pong on weekday evenings, during the day she’s going to classes (or not) and not making money to support her nighttime habits. Some college kids have jobs, but a job that you a working to work and job that you are working to survive are two different things. One way or another, the value of a dollar is not the same for both parties.  Even when you compare girls that are young 20s and out of college to guys in their later 20s priorities tend to be jarringly different. Having fun is still important while the older person is more concerned with building some sort of credit in the bank and in life.

While females are generally more mature at an earlier age, men tend to deteriorate physically at earlier ages than women. Men might never lose their sexual urges, but women hit their prime much later in life than the average man. A lot of these factors tend to determine why more relationships with older women and young men or legitimate than the opposite. By no means is this a PSA for anyone to engage in relationships with people drastically older. It’s just a different way of saying that a woman that is 26 and a guy that is 32 makes tons more sense than a guy that is 26 and a woman that is 32.

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