25 Best Sports Movies in the History of Time

Below are a list of the 25 best sports movies of all-time. I could totally rank this list of awesome films from 1 to 25, but you don’t really care what I think is best. Hell, I don’t even really know. All I know is that this is the best 25 I could think of off the top of my head. Some selections might seem suspect. But remember, I still like to watch cartoons in the morning so cut me some slack.

ac53f325e8103310a146ee147634dc23Rocky. Basically every movie except the ones after #4 was absolute fiyaaah. Somehow, Sylvester Stallone made us feel compassion even though we still can’t figure out what the fuck he’s saying. I just never understood why he didn’t have a hotter wife. Sadly, look at Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, and Carl Weathers; all these dudes are more shriveled up and useless than Brigitte Nielsen’s lady parts.

Ali. This movie makes me think about how pathetic the WWE is by comparison. Will Smith learned the subtle nuances of boxing so we could actually believe that he wasn’t just jacked for no reason. If there ever was someone to mimick Muhammad Ali, Smith was certainly the dude for the job.

Remember the Titans. If you love Motown and feel good stories, then this is the just the movie for you. There were a fair amount of retreads from other movies, but

021f110380b896ab75e5b20a8d02cb1aA League of Their Own. Besides the fact that “there’s no crying in baseball”, Jon Lovitz is fucking hilarious and the Madonna theme song “This Used to Be My Playground” puts this movie over the top.

Hoosiers. Speaking of great soundtracks (though Hoosiers doesn’t have any vocals), Gene Hackman is a basketball God who turns a tiny Indiana high school into a state champion. This is what dreams are made of. This is what you show your team every year to try to instill the kind of positive attitude that everyone can benefit from. No matter how much Samuel L. Jackson remakes there are (true story or not), there won’t be a better basketball movie.

Varsity Blues. Whipped cream bikini much? Besides being a part of the high school movie decade, Varsity Blues was the non-reality based story that football players everywhere only dreamed of living out. There will never be another Lance Harbor.

White Men Can’t Jump. What a classic movie. I don’t even remember what it’s about and I still love it. Woody Harrelson usually isn’t the first person you think of when basketball movies come to mind, but since he’s been in a few maybe you should.

The Air Up There. Kevin Bacon brings basketball to Africa. Interesting tag line. But since that movie, there have been many kids to come to the states to play. For what this movie may lack in Oscar power it more than makes up in cultural significance.

Field of Dreams. “If you build it they will come”. James Earl Jones has hands down the best voice in show business. The sightings of Shoeless Joe Jackson were pretty random. But this is a neat movie anyways.

Jerry Maguire. Cuba Gooding Jr. couldn’t have had a more precipitous fall from grace. Did anyone see Snow Dogs? But yeah, aside from the annoying love story and the pain in the ass little kid this was a pretty interesting and insightful movie. Def worth watching once every so often, but maybe not as often as it’s played on cable.

CaddyShack. Because Bill Murray. And for the longest time it was the only golf movie ever. Does any remember the ESPN commercial where they asked different players and sports personalities what they favorite and least favorite golf movie was? Funny stuff.

9f1e50af1de7db5e8e1aaeb9aca8af39Space Jam. Michael Jordan made fun of himself sucking at baseball and the Looney Tunes kicked some ass. Another Bill Murray sighting and a badass soundtrack with R. Kelly. Epic.

Searching For Bobby Fischer. While the movie itself wasn’t about Fischer and more about finding the next Fischer, this movie was great for a multitude of reasons including the performance by the little dude that played the main role.

Bad News Bears. Walter Mathau was a fucking boss. Grumpy Old Men will forever be one of my favorite movies, but this is of “the early years” variety that really make you appreciate his comedic genius. The recent remake with Billy Bob Thornton was actually hilarious as well, one of the few remakes ever of anything that’s been anything above mediocre.

Chariots of Fire. A ridiculously well-known theme song about a real-life event makes track actually seem cool.

Friday Night Lights. Inspired by true events, this movie eventually subsequently inspired a TV show by the same name. The show actually lasted several seasons and may or may not still be on DirecTV. In any event, the movie was the low-down on the real deal in high school football and gave a glimpse into what Texas football really means to people in that state.

Invincible. Mark Wahlberg is a g in everything he does. But the story of Vince Papale is great and inspiring. Sure, the Eagles didn’t win the Super Bowl and Papale didn’t go on to be an All-Pro, but the backstory of a small-time kid making it big is what this country is all about.

The Greatest Game Ever Played. Shia LaBoeuf is really weird and maybe a little crazy but that kid can act. And golf movies are probably more interesting than watching the real thing.

Breaking Away. It’s rated G and almost always streaming live on Netflix. So there’s no reason not to watch it. If you having any interest in the purity of cycling and/or The Tour De France then this is a movie worth watching.

The Natural. Robert fucking Redford. Enough said.

We Are Marshall. Matthew McConaughey is a bro and it’s a true story about football. And if you don’t care for the storyline then care for Kate Mara as a supporting role.

Seabiscuit. Toby Maguire is quite the underdog in life. And yet this feel good story about horseracing, yes horseracing, was a blockbuster that’s based on the life of an animal. That will never happen again (or at least if we can help it).

Miracle. If there ever was a reason to scream “Merica!” this is it. You don’t even need to have been alive to feel how powerful this movie is to American culture. There weren’t many big names, but Kurt Russell did plenty to do the real guys justice.

Dodgeball. So many quotes. Not even worth trying to recite them all. A hilarious movie about the best sport not being played at public schools ever again. This is vintage Ben Stiller when he was still funny.

c28b2b3f1232c85d44c78346af36a23cThe Sandlot. If you’ve never seen this movie before then you suck. If you have and you don’t want s’more then you should also go kill yourself.

Rudy. Great soundtrack. Great acting. I hate Notre Dame and I still cry like a baby every time.

Mystery, Alaska. A weird premise, but an interesting movie. Maybe not the movie everyone thinks of first but definitely a quality flick.

Rookie of the Year. This is another obvious one to me. This will never be realistic but never will that one movie where the kid becomes the Minnesota Twins manager either (I’ve blocked the name of the movie out of my memory on purpose).

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