Le Connard

The title is French. Look it up.
The title is French. Look it up.

LeBron James isn’t helping his image any. While many think he’s done enough to restore his image and atone for his transgressions (i.e. The Decision), he has taken too long this time around to ensure that someone will be very upset yet again. Not that everyone completely believes all the different rumors that have gone on in NBA free agency of late, it’s been enough to add further salt to the wound that is still open in Cleveland.

Many different theories still actively support the fact that staying Miami is the best bet. If you need any more explanation, just look up the best and worst places to live and that will easily tell you all you need to know. While Houston sounded good for a second (with James Harden and Dwight Howard) and Phoenix had an intriguing plan, neither were ever really threats in the grand scheme of things. Carmelo Anthony had a better chance to sign in Houston and is now staying in New York and they have now also lost out on Chandler Parsons unless they match the offer sheet that the Dallas Mavericks just threw together. If Houston manages to get Chris Bosh to come home (he’s actually from the Dallas-area, but Texas is home enough), then that might help James make his next decision.

Cleveland is unlike the other potential suitors within the ongoing saga of LeBron James’ next team, it’s where he’s from and where most of his family and friends remain. The drama that unfolded a few years ago would be tough for any Cleveland fan to forget, though who would turn down the opportunity to add the best basketball player in the world? Cavs owner Dan Gilbert made plenty of crazy statements after being spurned by LeBron last time, what do you think happens this time? While these are the only two teams that make any sort of sense, it is safe to say that some kind of loyalty should be called into question.

We understand NBA players don’t always have the longest shelf-lives, but with all the increased importance of publicity and marketing teams they have it’s tough to imagine these guys won’t be set for life unless they are complete assholes. They make several million dollars a year (really only maybe 9 months) to play a game and it’s likely that’s all most guys care about. It’s already been reported that Carmelo has decided to go for the money in New York rather than change his game (he doesn’t like to pass the ball) and chase a ring. His wife also played a part in the decision not because of their kid but because of her career. I’d venture to gamble that if the NBA didn’t have a salary cap anymore that players would be paid insane amounts (like in baseball) and there’d be 10 or so players in the league that played for championships while everyone else popped bottles and went to strip clubs (or spent tons of money some other way, cuz there are other ways).

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