Chug It

Amaretto and Natty Light in a Chug-a-Duck
Amaretto and Natty Light in a Chug-a-Duck

M.R. Ducks Unlimited is an apparel retailer based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It has 5 stores in Maryland as well as an outlet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There also happens to be a bar in Ocean City, Maryland that is tied to the owners of the apparel. M.R. Ducks has a popular drink at the bar called the “Chug-a-Duck”. In various forays out in the social scene in Baltimore City I have noticed several imitations.

Perhaps this isn’t a copyright-able situation or maybe lawyers are writing it up right now. Either way, it’s an original idea (or so I think) that is being taken advantage of by several other bars across the bay. Most people don’t care about certain sacred, important delicacies of my personal stomping grounds but there are things that shouldn’t be messed with. At my favorite place in the world, Merritt Gym, they have a flamingo that is used for chugging. An f-ing flamingo! You might not find ducks to be terribly manly, but it’s not the bird as much as it is the man killing it.

This is about territory and tradition. It’s also about a city that can’t grasp an identity. A recent local TV report (I think it was WBAL) about the low percentage of Maryland crab being consumed at seafood restaurants in the Charm City. Most of it comes from Alaska and California. Sad, but true. Anyways, the real Chug-a-Duck is amaretto and a Natural Light. It’s popular, not for the ingredients, but for the novelty.

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