Absent Parents

I expect the exact same picture 10 years from now (minus the wedding attire).
I expect the exact same picture 10 years from now (minus the wedding attire).

For all the ridiculousness we see out of celebrities and the shit they say it would be a pair like Kimye that would be the worst. Whether its Gwyneth Paltrow comparing live combat to motherhood or Beyoncé finally deciding to show her raunchy side now that she has a kid, celebrities have made some terrible decisions. So it may not be a surprise that a few weeks ago Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to take a separate plane home from their honeymoon that they went on BY THEMSELVES FOR TWO WEEKS.

So much for their kid not growing up with any sense of entitlement. The kid can’t even walk and she already has her own entourage. Having money is nice, but having parents that actually spend time with you is much better and makes more of an impact later on in life. There aren’t too many great solutions to the issue other than the obvious one; taking care of your kid regardless of whether you can pay for a full-time (all the time) nanny.

Aside from having two of the more controversial personalities in the world as parents, baby North is set up for failure. Hopefully she figures out how to live life without having to walk around with a veil over her face like Michael Jackson’s kids, though we can imagine her mother would still find a way to get her on camera (pun intended). Good luck to you.


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