Mixed Magic

When was the last time you received a mixed CD?
When was the last time you received a mixed CD?

Remember in middle school (or high school, maybe) when you had a crush on a girl and the perfect thing to do was make a mix-tape (if you are over 28, CDs if younger)? Well, you could still do that now. But not all cars have CD players, as more are moving towards having only auxiliary hookups for iTunes and Pandora. And it makes sense for the most part. It’s a whole lot easier than lugging around hundreds of CDs that get lost in crevices of the car that you don’t know exist. The luxury of compact discs are knowing exactly what is coming and controlling down to each and every song what you get to listen to.

But these streaming/downloading/free apps don’t solve every problem. What are you going to do in the year 2014? Give a girl a pass code or password to access a list of songs that you put on iTunes just for her. That’s lame. What if you’re not driving yet and neither is she? You can’t access that shit then. So she has to listen to some lame mix on a computer? No good at all. For all the things today that make life so much easier, mixtapes are a thing of the past.

You might think it’s a bit lame to give mix-tapes and maybe it is in retrospect, but find me a girl that doesn’t remember every song on her various mix-tapes, who gave it to them, and why it was given to them. The sentiment is real. The struggle is real.

For all we know kids don’t even try to get to know each other. They just get on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media platform and start sexting before they throw on some EDM and pop whatever drugs youths do these days. Yeah, times have changed. But have making compilations of awesome songs that chronicle special moments and emotions gone completely extinct? That’s disappointing America.

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