Better Than Ever

Technology continues to amaze me.
Technology continues to amaze me.

The most recently leaked version of the iPhone looks ridiculous. I’m not even sure I want a phone that is transparent like that. But it is also looks so freaking thin that dropping the damn thing won’t even be an option. The ideas that are floating around all those big tech corporations are too baffling to comprehend, so we won’t waste your time with all that chatter. Still, I’m really hoping that we will have some flying cars in the next 10 years with the way things are headed.

Meanwhile every other phone just sucks. For all the work that the opposing companies put in to one-upping the iPhone nothing really matters. I foolishly bought a Windows Phone when the iPhone 5 came out as I heard that the 4 was better than the 5 anyways. So I figured if everyone was eventually going to have to move to the 5 that I wouldn’t want to hate my life and would rather have something else. Well, the Windows Phone 8 is nice looking and takes great quality pictures, videos, etc., but it stops there.

For any phone that’s not an iPhone there’s just not enough options for apps. It makes texting a pain in the ass because you can’t see when people are typing. And non-iPhone users don’t get to send dirty SnapChats. There’s mirrored apps for Instagram and Tinder and everything else that you can think of, but nothing is the same. Even worse, it’s all predictably on a smaller scale due to the lack of users for with the technology. Who would have thought that over a year after the iPhone 5 came out the majority of iPhone users would still have the 4?

So as much as I don’t want to be like everyone else (because I like having things that other people don’t), technology is certainly a different beast. Technology has fucked up so much it doesn’t even really stop there. Imagine if you are the kind of dude that likes nice cars but can’t really afford a new one and needs something just a tad more than slightly used. Well, if you get a car without auxiliary capabilities then you have to buy other bullshit extensions just to make things work. The lesson to learn here is to settle sometimes so that you don’t get phased out by all the changes being made.

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