The 12 Most Bro Movies of All-Time

These are the 12 most bro movies of all-time. There may be room to argue, but I’d just argue that you’re an idiot. We all have different definitions of what the “bro” is and I would be lying if I said that mine is terribly positive, but this list isn’t just some dumb list of movies where the male plays the protagonist (because that would be every movie ever). The following list is eclectic if not surprising, and contains movies spread out by genre and release date.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Jeff Spicoli. Just that one name might be enough to summarize how rad a movie this is and is encapsulated in the legendary quote, “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine. While you might say this movie was a bit anticlimactic and lacked much depth (and you may be right), it spurred along all the famous high school movies of the 80s and defined a laid-back generation that really ended where Fast Times began.

Slackers.No one near as well-known or ground-breaking as the other movies on the list, Slackers chronicles a life of doing just enough to get by while getting drunk and hooking up with hot chicks. What else was college really about? On top of all that it melds together a great cast of current famous bros Jason Segal and Jason Schwartzmann combined with the best QB The Little Giants ever saw (Devin Sawa) and the awkwardly hilarious actor from Pete and Pete, Michael Maronna.

Zoolander. Is there more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking? Your fellow bro might well know. And what is really better than a movie about good-looking people and making fun of people? And who better to make fun of each other than Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Jerry Stiller? Epic quotes aplenty.

Varsity Blues.Football bros may very well have it the best during high school and college and this movies does nothing to hurt that reputation. Whether it’s having the hottest girls offering whipped-cream bikinis or going to the strip club to see your teacher bare all, bros will never get the blues watching this movie. It doesn’t hurt that it also features bro king Paul Walker (R.I.P.).

Wolf of Wall Street. While a bit longwinded, Wolf was every bit a blockbuster of talent and awesome bro qualities. The money came just as easy as their women and the legions of bros that came to watch the movie outnumbered it all. This actually is a portrayal of a real person’s life. A really fucking amazing life at that.

Saving Private Ryan.Would you risk your life to go into battle just to a guy because his brothers died? What if you weren’t even sure you could trust your commander? Well, these bros did it all and came out on top. Sure, there were some casualties, but the valor and courage added to the overall badassness of the combat scenes are just a few of the reasons that make this a movie that defines what we, as bros, strive for.

Animal House.Before the bro was known as such, there was Otter, Bluto, and the gang. Raising hell and throwing the best god damn toga parties ever is so college and these guys were the first to do it. This is a timeless classic about the right kind of brotherhood (the one that involves lying to girls to get laid and drunkenly breaking things on a whim). John Belushi will forever be remembered as the bro that could nonchalantly crush a bottle of Jack Daniels (whether realistic or not).

The Big Lebowski.Any movie where someone is referred to as “the dude” sounds like a movie I want to watch. Lebowski set up an entire genre of fucked up movies where everyone was on some kind of drug and people just didn’t give a fuck. Besides, any movie that can make Julianne Moore looks relatively attractive has got to be good/trippy stuff.

Office Space.If ever you think your life sucks and you want some idea, then perhaps you should think about blowing up the building. Or not. Either way, everyone’s had a dickhead boss like Bill Lumbergh (played most excellently by Gary Cole). Bros know that at the end of the day, wifing up a hottie is paramount even with a shitty job. Jennifer Anniston certainly counts as that.

Braveheart.Easily one of the best movies ever (bro or not), Braveheart is all about willing yourself to victory regardless of the bullshit you have to deal with to get there. I can’t think of a single thing that is more intense than watching a bunch of jacked dudes with weapons and war paint kick ass and chop heads off in the process. How fucking bro is that?

Blow. The name George is hardly a bro name, but he makes up for it in flash and substance and really hot tail that he steals from dangerous drug dealers. No movie made being a drug dealer look so appealing (Scarface included). It does hurt that Johnny Depp plays the lead role to perfection. Much like Wolf of Wall Street, what makes this so amazing is that it is almost not fabricated at all.



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