How Times Have Changed: How We Evolve Through Social Media

Know when to shut up.

As life goes on, people naturally mature. That mature decision-making is found in many different situations, but the one everyone seems to notice most is social media. Whether Google or whoever runs the world decides to figure out how to make certain files on the internet go away, most people tend to start making smarter decisions as they get older. Anyone and everyone has used social media as a confessional or therapy session. Not everyone continues to do so well in their 20s. These are the 5 stages of social media progression:

I want people to care. If you’re too much out of college (and that’s being reeeaally nice, because I should’ve said high school), then you’re using social media to make people jealous, to meet new people, to stalk new people, to find out what everyone else likes, and to essentially live your entire fucking life online. You’re on your phone, computer, iPad, or whatever else all the time updating your status and tweeting about stupid shit that you probably don’t even care about. But it doesn’t matter because you are bored and you want someone to entertain you. You post pictures of yourself constantly just hoping for comments and likes or put thoughtful quotes up just begging someone to tell you how sweet or cute or nice you are. Your insecurity is just seeping out of your pores. You’re young and stupid and think “the struggle is real” (and say it often) even though there is no fucking struggle.

I don’t care if other people care.You decide to grow some balls and think that acting like a bad ass will in fact make you a bad ass. Posting quotes on pictures or statuses or tweets that are straight out of a rap song become your go-to. I like bad bitches that’s my fuckin’ problem. Or maybe you just have friends that like to dress provocatively and wear several layers of makeup and act like hookers. You start calling people out and building up those internet muscles thinking that no one will read or respond. Eventually, someone responds and you hate your life.

I’m deleting my Facebook forever. Whether you were just a little too open with your feelings or personal information, one way or another you felt like taking some time away from Facebook or Twitter was going make you feel better. You give it up for a couple months (but nothing crazy) and make certain not to delete it. You claim you are so much happier now that you don’t see other people being negative or saying immature shit all the time. After a while you realize that you live for that kind of shit. People are entertaining whether it makes you feel good about yourself or not. Naturally, you come back only to leave a few more times before eventually just realizing that you won’t ever get away from social media.

I don’t want anyone to know anything.You are finally back with social media for good, but you aren’t sure what is okay. You are done with getting negative responses or feeling stupid that you posted a picture with next to nothing on but no one even noticed. So what do you do? Well, you let life happen and eventually realize that no one needs to know every fucking thing that you do. But you don’t give away too much or else you will fall back into old habits and overshare.

I will be nice and not be a fucking recluse.You realize that being an adult is actually not as difficult as some make it. You congratulate people on days that are appropriate (even though saying Happy Birthday is pretty lame unless you are actually real-life friends) and every once in a while you post funny shit on other peoples’ walls that make you think of the good old days. But that’s it. You don’t blow people up. You take it easy and don’t make it your life.


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