Possibly Gay Reality Stars

In a day and age where being gay or bisexual is less taboo and even professional athletes are beginning to come out, there are still men out there that aren’t willing to just come forward. In no other place is it more rampant than on reality TV. We see these guys all day every day and they are so obvi not straight. Let’s not get into the bigger discussion that constitutes “what is gay” or “what makes someone gay”, because that’s a little more serious that what we are trying to make this.

There’s certainly dudes are TV that you can question whether they are straight or not. The idea for this post came while watching Southern Charm the other night and Whitney Sudler-Smith was fuming about some society blogger attacking his mother based on a party that was thrown. It was just dumb stuff, but there was a certain forced response and protection from Whitney that was so not believable. Sure, they say on the shown that he fucks the ugly redhead Catherine, but that hardly seems like that tough of a challenge and gay guys sleep with women more than you would think. Any guy that hasn’t had at least a handful of long-term relationships by their late-30s has to be at least questionably gay.

Kim K.’s BFF.

Which moves us along to Jonathan Cheban. If Cheban were just staying close to Kim Kardashian, as one of her best friends, because he was crushing then we could understand it. Who wouldn’t want to look at that ass every day? However, this dude is just gleaming with copious amounts of flamer qualities. There’s no way this guy doesn’t like guys. On an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker he was picky as all hell and eventually chose some money-grubbing college girl with questionable looks. There isn’t a gayer man in any art district in any big city throughout the United States than Jonathan Cheban.

From the photo shoot. Pretty lame.

If you remember (or still watch Gigolos) then you know it is a hilarious raucous adaptation of what life might be like for male escorts in Las Vegas. There have been several people that have come out to say that women were otherwise paid to “appear” in episodes, which would explain some things if you remember Steven Gantt. He was the tall, average looking self-professed nerd with a lisp that had the son living out of state and the disapproving ex-wife (Brace had one of those as well). Besides the fact that it may actually be fake, there’s no better cover for him to hide behind. Former male escorts and porn stars have attested to the near falsification of male gigolos even existing at all, much less for this television program. Steven was literally the weirdest, most awkward character ever. The creepiness that he embodied was a dead giveaway to his almost certain gayness.

Chrisley Knows Best is a reality show about a former real estate mogul in Atlanta and the life he lives with his family. It’s somewhat entertaining. The kids aren’t really crazy (though the youngest reminds me a lot of the little kid from The Blind Side). The show has been picked up for another season after playing concurrently on both the USA Network and the E! Channel. What is downright perplexing about the show is how obviously gay Todd Chrisley is. The guy lives in the South, so it’s understandable that he’d rather be a “family man” but let’s be real for a second. Through the season Chrisley plugs his new clothing brand (which the name escapes me) and is just too involved with dressing his daughter. It’s not like the worried father that doesn’t want his daughter to be a total slut, he just doesn’t want her to look bad when she goes out. Weird.

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