Death of the Movie Soundtrack

A memorable soundtrack that may overshadow the movie.

There was once a point in time when movie soundtracks were almost as popular as the movies they were featured in. Now, music is downloaded illegally and albums aren’t purchased as a whole. I don’t even know if there are actual soundtracks to movies, but I def miss that aspect of movie-going. The 80’s were really big for mainstream music and making singles for soundtrack albums. The 90’s were geared towards Disney movies as far as soundtrack albums were concerned. The last album I remember buying for a movie was from Men In Black.

Now, I’m not saying that music isn’t still made just for movies, because it obvi is. They give Grammys out for that shit every year (if you can remember the year 3 6 Mafia won for Hustle and Flow). But I can’t remember the last time there were multiple hit songs on the same album for a movie.  If I am forced to think in the moment (which isn’t much of a strength) I would say maybe Titanic would qualify, and only because the dude that produced the music for that shit was genius.

Perhaps soundtrack albums won’t come back to a level they were before, mainly because of the way CDs are sold, but it needs to be improved. Did anyone see Frozen? That’s a great start in the right direction. Not exactly my favorite movie, and not about to be made into a Broadway play like The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, but it is better than nothing. Maybe the main culprit is the lack of overall quality of music, but the music in movies is generally what I can identify with when I think about a movie. Whether it’s Kenny Loggins in any movie ever (but mainly Top Gun) or Simple Minds in The Breakfast Club, music is what defines some movies or takes them over the top. Perhaps if more films incorporated original music there would be more albums purchased rather than singles.

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