10 Signs That You Are Dating a Stage-5 Clinger

d1f1b82ad3f759ae43f2c1393d44ef1f10 Different things that girls do within the first month of dating that are over the top.

1. They are talking about kids and/or baby names already.

2. If a text message isn’t returned in a timely fashion, more come with an increasing amount of desperation the more that time elapses. (any more than two messages without a response is pushing it)

3. You get text messages during the day “just to say hi”. If you have something to talk about that’s fine, otherwise there is no need and it’s just excessive.

4. You get a Facebook request to be “in a relationship”.

5. She tries to make cutesy nicknames.

6. The letters C, R, and L are constant topics of discussion. (Commitment, Relationship, Love)

7. You know you are great at life, but even you would get sick of yourself if you hung out 24/7. Not this girl.

8. Some girls are just “relationship-type” girls, which means they have been in back to back to back longer relationships that last a year or more. If she has dated multiple guys for a few months at a time within the last couple years but none of those relationships would fit under the category “long-term”.

9. It’s great when a girl is friendly with your friends, but you need to have your own lives’ outside of each other to maintain sanity. When she starts hanging out with your friends and just wants to be “one of the guys” you should run for the hills.

10. You have to hold her hand everywhere she goes. She probably doesn’t trust you, but even if she did she would still want you to go with her. Sometimes it cute, but usually it’s just annoying and a pain in the ass.

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