Weird, But Awesome, Science

65deb6eeed96176b114c181d575d80daOne of my earliest memories of watching movies and getting a weird feeling down there (in the pants) came the first time I watched Weird Science. As one of the better 80s movies, it featured of “The Brat Pack” members Anthony Michael Hall. Perhaps one of the best nerds in film ever, Hall team with some other nameless nerd to form a geeky combination that was unrivaled. And the regular suspects as high school quarterback and hot cheerleader with annoying friend were also classic. But what sent this movie to the top was sexy Brit Kelly LeBrock. Lebrock went on to do next to nothing in her career as an actress but for one fleeting moment of time she was a sex symbol of epic proportions. And then Celebrity Fit Club and men everywhere lost their boner for Kelly till the end of time.

How cool would it be to have a machine that essentially gives you the opportunity to create whatever woman you want? I’m sure there are women out there that match particular specifications to the liking of certain dudes, but how many have all the exact attributes that you look for? These guys did it! It was completely fake, but they did it! Only they found that being with a hot, fun, cheerleader-type that they so wanted to have fawn over them wasn’t really what they needed. Obviously, there was a learned lesson in the end and they sent their Barbie Doll girlfriend back to the faux world that created her. Not that I really buy that.

Either way, this movie is relative to the world recent generations grow up in. It’s great to meet someone that has a lot of things that you look for. But you will never meet someone that is completely perfect, much less perfect for you. Some might find this point of view pessimistic and you would be right. But the sooner you give that up, the sooner you can enjoy the people that you are with. Too often people get caught up in “types” while they should instead just be looking for a pretty face with a personality. So I’m superficial. Sue me. At least I don’t lie to myself about this shit. Anyways, great movie. Good memories.

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