Ain’t Nobody Got Time to Text Back

As an individual that likes things as soon as I can have them it’s no secret that reactions come quickly without thinking. But there’s got to be a fine line between realistic and crazy, right? There are countless voicemails that pile up on my phone and I notice this change each day that I miss a call and decide not to call back. Is there anything wrong with avoiding phone conversations? People do it all the time to get out of shit. Why not me? Besides, texting is the easiest route unless you don’t know when to properly use or expect sarcasm.

70cd33c8b7409f386b70be264716c626The obvious discrepancies in text messages make calling on the phone much more appealing in theory. But land lines are a thing of the past and so if there is no option to call someone when they are at home and rather just calling them, what is the best process to use when trying to contact someone? I bring this up not because I hate talking on the phone (I do. I’m a man. We don’t talk. We say like three words). And not just because I don’t ever turn my ringer on (Unless you’re important. So never, really). Mainly, this is a point of emphasis today because there are assholes out there somewhere that have received a text message. They looked at that text message and then they went on with their day. Instead of just getting back to it, they decided to make things difficult. When asked about what they were doing they gave some generic response like, “I’m busy”, and went on being a dick for the remainder of their life.

While this has happened to the best of us and we have surely done it once or twice before (Stage 5 clingers are the worst), it’s still a shitty practice. Besides, how often are people ever really that busy? If someone wants to talk to you they will make the effort. Sometimes people are busy and if you become one of those worriers that likes to sit around and worry about stuff then you are doomed to a lifetime of overanalyzing every relationship ever. Ease off if that’s a tendency of yours. Even if your intentions are the same and you want something serious, you don’t want to look too desperate. But even if it’s just friends, give it time.

There are unspoken guidelines that surround texting etiquette. Guys are always told to wait a specific amount of days before calling a girl after meeting her or after a first date. That has turned into texting, though it can inadvertently make things awkward if and when you don’t match up the voice to the person. But ahead of all that, rules that put constraints on when you can or can’t talk to someone are arbitrary and dated. If you like someone and think they were equally interested then you should go for it. Girls are impressed that you have taken initiative and like someone that isn’t afraid to put themselves out there. Now if you are still dating girls or young women that act like they are in college or high school or whatever immature age that likes “bad boys” and wants to “play games” before getting to the real deal, then kindly press the big arrow in the left-hand corner pointed in that direction.

Sometimes there’s a rhyme to the reason and intentions come into play. Other times there is absolutely nothing to it and worrying over nothing has just become second nature. The best way to ensure that neither is even part of the thought process is to do your best to respond when available. Texting should be no different than talking on the phone. Sure you might text something racy that would never speak out loud, but then you are going to look stupid if even put in that position. If you have no intention of talking to someone then say that shit. If you are truly just busy then find a better way to tell them. Or better yet, don’t even bring your phone with you. Then you won’t look like such a dick because you responded to five Facebook posts and posted pictures but didn’t respond to a text message. Yeah, you look like a bitch.

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