Instant Gratification

07e617dfaa525ce3584c43aa825f4b79What would people do without Netflix? The genres that are covered are endless. The great old shows that have been bought out are classic and there’s still new stuff that continues to be purchased. Disney movies are on more often and all of a sudden there’s very little reason to have cable. The one thing that keeps people like myself interested in cable is the instant gratification aspect of it all. Knowing that the second something comes out you will be able to view it is the only thing keeping me interested.

Netflix instant viewing is like texting as opposed to calling. I never understood why Verizon gives me a flat price for texting as much as I want and then charges me based on how many minutes I use calling. I’ve got the minimum amount of minutes each month and hardly ever come close to using half of them. Shit is ridiculous. Paying a flat free per month to watch all the shows you want and as opposed to the extra money you pay to watch movies through Netflix (the initial intention of the company). It’s still worth it but I forget about having movies for weeks at a time. It can’t be any worse than paying $1.50 ten times over for movies through RedBox.

Since realizing the golden idea of streaming, Netflix has released several original series. Lillehammer, Orange Is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, and House of Cards are awesome series and the new season of Arrested Development just put things over the top. If the big ticket Disney movies are bought out and perhaps some old shows like Seinfeld and Friends have been purchased will there be a reason to own cable?

Streaming TV and sports are just as easy. Sure, everything is illegal. But the people that will get in trouble won’t be you and the domain names are hosted by European sites so the likelihood that they could be prosecuted isn’t as high. More and more you see the biggest networks putting shows online just to make things easier. At the end of the day as long as there is viewership of the programs it doesn’t really matter how it happens. Whether online or on TV, these programs still have commercials. So at this point, paying for cable generally does one thing for you; eliminates the possibility of having to sit through commercials.

With Netflix, you can watch TV, feature film, documentaries, and whatever else you want. Hulu is obviously not on the same level and doesn’t carry the same options. The two best free¬†streaming options are FirstRowSports and Free TV Project. So have fun making our government and their need to crucify everyone that gets stuff for free (this is funny because of their stance on giving money to the poor) and take advantage of it while you can!

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