Igniting the Fire


ffb7807c547519729787173969ffc27eRiley Cooper attended a Kenny Chesney concert not long ago and said “I will fight every nigger in here” when not allowed to get back-stage. We understand what he said was wrong. And sure, this won’t go away any time soon. Cooper will probably lose his job. Any professional athlete accomplished or not is under the microscope. Technology allows everything to be seen. If the NSA had their way (and maybe they do), we wouldn’t be safe taking a shower.

Arguing whether racism is present in America is stupid. And the “N” word is perpetuated every time it comes out of someone’s mouth. Everyone who’s not black will argue that there is a double standard for using the word. I’m more concerned with the people that encourage this behavior and then use this instance as a platform for showing their displeasure. Too many people play both sides. I don’t personally use it in casual conversation but I have seen white people do it in front of black people and neither blink.

I’d venture to say at least 80% of white people have used the word at least once. That’s not to say there hasn’t been progress with race relations in the past 50 years, but let’s not be naïve about this either. And it’s safe to say that as often as white people use derogatory terms that all other races use words about each other the same amount. The point being made is: there are shitty people everywhere in every color, religion, etc.

But that’s not the focus of this post. In the recent video release of Riley Cooper’s angry tirade, Deadspin used the term hillbilly to describe Cooper’s actions. Tell me how this makes anything better? Don’t throw cultural or historical significance back in my face. I’m not arguing whether Cooper was wrong or not. And calling someone a hillbilly might not sound like a disgusting remark, but go to areas where everyone thinks they live and see how that plays out. Hillbilly is hardly a term of endearment. Guess we will have to wait for this one to play out.







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