Five for Fighting

I can't tell whether the women to the right has a hat on that she made from the McDonalds menu or it's a poster.

I can’t tell whether the women to the right has a hat on that she made from the McDonalds menu or it’s a poster.

Whether it’s a popular 00’s pop band that we’re talking about or a penalty in hockey, someone needs to put these offenders of douchebaggery in their right place. Yesterday, all across this great nation supporters of a movement mainly in the fast food industry held strikes/protests for the raise of federal minimum to $15.

It’s not enough that they people that actually went to college/trade school/several other possibilities can’t get a job because the market sucks. A lot of these people have been forced to apply for short-term fixes that usually don’t even hire them in fear that the applicant will run at the first chance of something better (i.e. everyone in America). But this new culture of entitlement across the board has made it easy to expect things to be given to you without much effort.

How many people do you know that struggle to make much about 15 or 20 bucks an hour? I bet they are people that don’t generally collect unemployment or food stamps or any other bullshit government contingency that the lazy half of our country’s population falls back on. That kind of shit is supposed to be there for the people that need it in times of crisis, not the people that do absolutely nothing until it’s the only option (and frankly, what they were waiting for all along).

I don’t care whether you consider yourself a “sandwich artist” or whatever other stupid names they tag on useless jobs that are just a means to an end. If more money is a realistic expectation then perhaps you should have tried harder in school. Very few people are able to maximize their abilities and skills and turn them into a career. It all starts from the ground up and anyone and everyone has regrets when considering the “coulda shoulda wouldas”.

Fast food is bad for you anyways. Instead, let’s eat healthy, make our own artery-clogging meals, or simply fire these fools and hire someone else that will work for less. It’s the American way! Let’s completely outsource our fast food to China! But seriously, very few people in this country (aside from freelancers of various kinds) make more than 30 bucks an hour without being considered full-time salaried employees. Lots of people make less than that on salary. So do you think it’s fair that McDonald’s employees (among others) can essentially earn a salary while the people that are actually trying to make a better life can’t even sniff that hallowed threshold?


You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Don't cross Liam Neeson or his terrible movies.

Don’t cross Liam Neeson or his terrible movies.

After all the horror stories over the years in which people put stupid pictures, videos, and statements on social media only to get in trouble with the law, you’d think people would have learned. Still, there are people out there that don’t look hard enough for things that may otherwise be right in front of their own eyes.

A few years ago I was in a waiting room for an interview and naturally sparked a conversation up with the most attractive girl within earshot. I ended up getting her number and talking to her a few times and eventually losing interest (sounds original, right?). But I also found out about the job we were both applying for and saw some recent reviews via GlassDoor.com (which is a job review site for consumers and potential employees). It ended up being a sham of a firm and a waste of time. That was enough to help me out with said girl, but I also decided to do a little digging on my own (because I was a supersleuth by then). She ended up having fled the area she was from (the Northeast) and her college (Syracuse) because of a hit and run accident that killed a couple people. I lost interest quick.

Fast forward to a current situation where I decided to do a quick Google search on an employee contact list a friend of mine just received. It’s always fun to check up on peoples’ credibility and see whether their tall tales actually check out. And this case couldn’t have been weirder. One such person came up as not having gone to the same school and having changed their name. They changed their name to disassociate from a relatively recent arrest. So how is it that people can’t merely look up names and figure shit out on their own? Why are their still firms that are outsourced and actually get paid to do background checks? Fuck some finger prints and piss tests. I can just Google you.